One of Dr. Robert Salter’s favorite quotes was from Louis Pasteur. "When I look upon a child, I am filled with admiration for that child — not so much for what it is today, as for what it may become." In many ways, that quote defines our profession and binds us together in the cause of helping children with orthopaedic conditions realize their full potential.

A critically important part of that responsibility is ensuring that we, as pediatric orthopaedic specialists, are doing the very best we can in providing care to our patients. That involves a commitment to continuous quality improvement through constant research and education.

The purpose of the Foundation is to have an entity that will focus, initially, on globally advancing pediatric orthopaedics through excellence in education. We are honored to be working in close collaboration with the Education Council of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America in this endeavor.

As the Foundation grows, we will be looking for other ways in which we can “advance pediatric orthopaedics”. This may include the ability to fund important research relevant to the understanding and management of pediatric orthopaedic conditions. It may also involve supporting, in various ways, the provision of care to children with orthopaedic issues in underdeveloped countries.

Through our various efforts, our ultimate goal will always be to help a child “for what it may become”!